Reflection on Delhi Out and About

My experience was working with new Partner because I had chance to know new people and it was fun knowing more people.
.I learned a lot about those places now. Now I know better things about GandhiBecause of the project like the quote “ my life is my massage”.And the seven cities of Adelphi project, first I didn’t even know how many cities there are in Delhi, my cities were Firozabad I learned a lot about this cities like that is the fourth City of Delhi and it build next to the river.
I learned a lot about the metro ride because I didn’t know there is a metro ride and it was pretty fast . I got to see India gate that was fun and exciting because I got to see India one time and in that time it was my first year so now I got to see it again.
I think the best trip was the metro ride because on the metro ride was fast and we saw Qutub minar and all of the tree. We could so and my friend from his class and the other class played game and it was really fun with the them.

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