The voices of the river valley

In EAL support we learned about four diffrent civilization- ancient Mesopotamia,  ancient Indus vally, ancient Egypt, ancient china. And we had to choose one symbol or any thing from one of the civilisation. I  choose to write about  the ancient china civilazation of the yin yang symbol because I thought is a very intersting topic, and a nice meaning.

There is my link for my video-

Hope you will enjoy my video:)!


For me the most meaningful part of the ancient China was the believe system the yin yang because I really like what the yin yang mean, the yang is a very interesting topic and I thought it would be nice to write about,and i have lots information about the yin yang. , I have develop my skills in research all about the yin yang.

I have learn what does it mean, I had fun making a video because i think it was a good idea explaining what is the yin yang mean. . For me the most Challenging part of this project was making the video and uploding it to youtube. I took a lot of time thinking how I want to make the video and to film the video because I laugh a lot and I didn’t remember what i needed to say. I think the next step I will do is presenting my work clearly when I talk to the video remember what I need to say and taking lots of time filming the  video.


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