Cave art panting

Cave artCave art was the first art.It’s made of ocher, color, red yellow.The color they use are , yellow, red, black, and orange.

They drew animals.The people who drew it was the early human.Did they only drew animals or they drew other things beside animals. I think we are learning about cave art because we want to know what was the first art and it’s important to know what art was the early humans doing. I think the purpose is that we learn what was the first painting and what materials did they use, to make this painting , and what,and what is .the ancestors was panting.  I learned that the pre art cave painting was the first art painting.

I think for me the most meaningful part in the Art cave painting is that we learned that what was the pre history art wasd that we got a chance to be like the pre history and pant like them in the cave.

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