Forgive and Forget

Can you imagine a world without forgiveness?
From one side someone had this something wrong and should have thought before he done is but from another side When we keep on a feeling of hurt, pain, and anger it harms us far as more than it harms the one who did the mistake.

In this book “ The Kite Runner” a big message that the author wants to appear would be forgiveness. Throughout this book Amir, the Main character, was trying to forgive himself of what had happened to his best friend. In the beginning of the book once amir won the kite competition he found out that his friend Hassar was being assaulted. That time Amir was full of guilt
and did not let it go.

Amir leaves with guilt and the feeling of leaving someone behind, this is important because you can have this feeling forever if you don’t leave it. We all have done mistakes and we all hope that people will forgive us, and throughout this book Amir face that and does not want to forgive himself.

The book kite runner is a book that made me think, made me realize many things that are connected to my life. Looking back at this book I learned a lot about it, one of the most powerful things I have learned about this book forgiveness and this book there

In this book Amir, the main character is trying to forgive himself because he did not help his best friend that was assaulted, that part makes it very important and again very powerful.

I also realised that many characters throughout this book are forgiving people, here are example. The story happens to be in winter time, when the kite-fighting tournament happens. When the kite loses, boys chase and return it, called kite running. When Amir wins the tournament, Hassan sets off to run the losing kite. Amir looks for him and finds Hassan trapped
at the end of an alley, pinned with his pants down, this explain why Amir is filled with guilt and is aware of his mistake. This part shows how bad he feels and how much is hurt from Hassan his best friends.

One of the first times the book makes us think about forgiveness is when Hassan is physically and sexually assaulted by Assef. Assef tells Hassan that he want to forgive. Then, the price turns out to be the kite that Hassan run down for Amir. When Hassan does not want to hand it over, he was raped Assef. This example
of Assef’s forgiveness.

These were some examples of how this book is connected to the big theme forgiveness, forgiveness is important in life and it is was one of the most important messages in the life we live right now . The message of forgiveness is so powerful that this book made me personally want everyone in life to forgive other you cannot keep a feeling of hurt, pain, and anger forever.

Vignette #1 Title: losing it again

Idea(s) being explored (theme): starting new life

Specific historical connection:personal

It was a game day,  we were all excited and ready to win, but what I didn’t know is that I will end up in the hospitals today. We put on our uniform and stared the warm up. We run two laps across  the field while we run I noticed they had a first aid set up and I thought to myself why do they need this not one is going to get hurt the maximum that this could be is someone falling and needing and “ice pack”.  We had some more work out before we started the game, I tried giving my best during that work out, I really want to win this game. We stared the game, at first I played defence I don’t think I did bad, I kept the ball from going into the Goal . Then we needed to sub. So I went out I took a sip of water and watched the game while hoping we score a gall this time. After we had a little break we needed it to go play. The cough said that many people want to place difference and we already have our middflierese so I needed to play forward. And now I am do not play that well soccer and now playing forward ?. I was really nervous, I  asked the cough if there anything else I good sub in for bu she said no, and so that I will take a break again if I really don’t want to play forward so that’s what I did I was scared that I will have the chance to score and I will just lose it. But the next time is wasn’t m.y choicd there was not other choicdto sub in and I have to sub in for forward so I did. I tried my best running as fast as I can try8ng to take the ball from the other team to the the other side and score. Our goalie catches the ball and kicked to the other side I tried taking the ball and to score but I suddenly fell I tried coming up like everything was okay but I couldn’t and my left hand was hurting really bad I went through a big pain I felt like a heavy stone just hit my shoulder really hard. That’s when I started crying. An hour later I found myself in the hospital. We were waiting for a pretty long time I felt like on that time I could be home already and watching Netflix. Hospitals alwyes have this weird smell of rotten eggs gives my throwback to when it’s a  weirded vibe I am afraid this will never end.

Vignette #2 Title: new life

Idea(s) being explored (theme): starting  a new life


Specific historical connection:


I didn’t like how everyone felt sorry for me for being Jewish and they don’t even know how is it to be jewish. Being jewish was the best for me and my family. I really hate everyone having that feeling when everyone feel sorry for me.My aren’t taught Spain was not the right country for us and so they decided to move to American. I don’t know why we moved. But I guess my parents did the right choice Nd chose to move and have a new start in a different place. But in this place called America many people are like me. In some places in America By parents did not allow us to eat. In many places different people would eat different kinds of things such as airy and meat. We as jewish will not eat things such as that, we ill have our own dishes. Moving into a new and different place would be strong a new chapter in a book or continue the chapter. The house in America clean as a whistle. America was different than Spain like black and white. Everything seems so complicated but it wasn’t acutely. America was definitely different not like home.  



Vignette #3 Title: life in a factory

Idea(s) being explored (theme): starting a new life

Specific historical connection:


“where is the clothes that I for? my boss shouted or me to come.

“ Commign sir” I said rush while running to Hang  my clothes to my boss.

“Margaret, that is not what I asked for, do it again”! He shouted at me.

“ Okay sir”I said back.

I was scared, I was scared of my boss, I was scared that he will fire me and I didn’t want that to happen, my family is depended on me. I am fourteen years old and work at a big factory and when my family again is dependent on her I don’t think I can’t concentrate. I have a big fear that my boss will fire me and my family would have lost, but if I keep on working and getting paid even though I got really less money I still got some. I came to work in a fatty from the countryside. I used to love. I use to love living in the countryside but one day we lost everything like a river running into an unknown sea. When I first came to work in an factory it was different from living in the countryside to going to work n a factory.  My family and I do regret moving but that was not our choice


Myth secand draft 

Hera’s Hero 

Hera and her son Philagros were sent to King Minafula, king Minafula hated them because Hera was the queen of gods she was zeus wife but she wasn’t always with him.

When Hera and Philagros heard that they were invited to the king palace, they were a bit worried because they were not used to be invited for a drink in king Minafula palace, first they thought maybe it’s a mistake but they asked the massenger if it’s true but the massenger said that the king said “i need to give it to you specially” the massengair said while hera was taking a sip. “I don’t trust king Minafula” said Philagros.

After about a minute Hera started coughing out loud, at the beginning he son Philagros thought it’s nothing and it’s will go over in a minutes, but Hera cough continued and continued so Philagros started worrying.

First Philagros gave his mother water, and tup on her back he thought that maybe that will help, but that didn’t help, she continued coughing until he fainted
Philagros first didn’t know she fell asleep or she was dead or she fainted and he didn’t know how that’s happen, but then he saw the the half cup with the drink that king Minafula give them. Philagros got really angry and upset that he spilled the drink on the floor and shouted “ YOU KILLED MY MOM!”.

“Ohh, I didnt killed your mom your mom is fainted, your mom is a god she just fell asleep, but if you won’t give her the drink in twenty four hour which is a day, then she will be dead for ever”, laughed king Minafula.

“ What are you talking about? Which drink? Where can you find it?”, asked Philagros.

“That drink is the only drink that can save your mother, it’s found in a small tower but a very high tower, in that tower there is a hundred floor, in every floor there is monster waiting for you, if you succeed all of that floors you will be the next hero, the drink is on the level one hundred and one, you can get the drink just if you are strong and brave.”, said king Minafula.

“ I am very strong and also brave so I think I Can succeed this mission”, told him Philagros.

“Now listen they say no one come back from this tower. This is the tallest tower,

And there is the scariest monster ever,”king Minafula told Philagros while laughing.

“ I can win this “tallest tower in the world ”, said Philagros.

“ will see”, said king Minafula
Time had was and over, Philagros thought if he want to try to kill and win those monster. After about an hour he came ready to the journey, he felt like he is the one who can save his mother no one else can, he was only eighteen, so the only thing he had is his weapon and his believe was that he is his mom own hero, and the protection cloth of a fighter. And shout “I am ready!”.
 When he got to the highest tower he saw lots and lots of dead skeletons all over the place, this made him a bit scared, but he didn’t give up.
When he got to the first floor he saw this really really weird monster, that monster was huge, the color of her was very light green, But Philagros wasn’t that scared so he took the weapon and went over the monster and then went behind her back and cut her head off. Philagros was really proud of himself , but then he thought about his mother how she is sleeping there with king mindful and then he looked at the time and saw that he only has five more hours. 

So he continued winning until level number ninety five. When he came to level number ninety five he saw all over th the place dead skeletons and then he looked at the monster and saw that she eats people. Philagros was about to go down but then he looked back at the monster and realise that he is coming near and near him so he took the weapon and cut both of her legs then the belly.  
When he came to level number one hundred he saw all over the place dead people so his made him scare but when he saw the monster he was about to go down but then he thought about Hras hero he will be the next hero and his mom will survive if he will win this level, so he came back to the monster the monster was very dark purple Her hair was snakes so as her tail was , but philagros wasn’t sacre so he when he took the weapon and put it in her belly. 
He run up the stairs to get the drink when he came to get the drink his father Zeus was waiting for him, he was sitting there with the drink. First Philagros didn’t know who was that so he asked him for the drink, his father Zeus gave it to him and says,

“Remember, never give up”.
When he came back to king Minafula tower he took the drink and put at his hera mouth. His mom woke up after two minutes and she already knew what happen because she was a god. 

“ You are my hero you are Hera’s hiro, you are my own son for ever” Hera added. “Your smile light up my life.” Hera told her son Philagros while she was smilling at him. Then Philagros smile back to her.                      

 And then he remember never give up always come back and try again.  

Cave art panting

Cave artCave art was the first art.It’s made of ocher, color, red yellow.The color they use are , yellow, red, black, and orange.

They drew animals.The people who drew it was the early human.Did they only drew animals or they drew other things beside animals. I think we are learning about cave art because we want to know what was the first art and it’s important to know what art was the early humans doing. I think the purpose is that we learn what was the first painting and what materials did they use, to make this painting , and what,and what is .the ancestors was panting.  I learned that the pre art cave painting was the first art painting.

I think for me the most meaningful part in the Art cave painting is that we learned that what was the pre history art wasd that we got a chance to be like the pre history and pant like them in the cave.

The voices of the river valley

In EAL support we learned about four diffrent civilization- ancient Mesopotamia,  ancient Indus vally, ancient Egypt, ancient china. And we had to choose one symbol or any thing from one of the civilisation. I  choose to write about  the ancient china civilazation of the yin yang symbol because I thought is a very intersting topic, and a nice meaning.

There is my link for my video-

Hope you will enjoy my video:)!


For me the most meaningful part of the ancient China was the believe system the yin yang because I really like what the yin yang mean, the yang is a very interesting topic and I thought it would be nice to write about,and i have lots information about the yin yang. , I have develop my skills in research all about the yin yang.

I have learn what does it mean, I had fun making a video because i think it was a good idea explaining what is the yin yang mean. . For me the most Challenging part of this project was making the video and uploding it to youtube. I took a lot of time thinking how I want to make the video and to film the video because I laugh a lot and I didn’t remember what i needed to say. I think the next step I will do is presenting my work clearly when I talk to the video remember what I need to say and taking lots of time filming the  video.


Reflection on Delhi Out and About

My experience was working with new Partner because I had chance to know new people and it was fun knowing more people.
.I learned a lot about those places now. Now I know better things about GandhiBecause of the project like the quote “ my life is my massage”.And the seven cities of Adelphi project, first I didn’t even know how many cities there are in Delhi, my cities were Firozabad I learned a lot about this cities like that is the fourth City of Delhi and it build next to the river.
I learned a lot about the metro ride because I didn’t know there is a metro ride and it was pretty fast . I got to see India gate that was fun and exciting because I got to see India one time and in that time it was my first year so now I got to see it again.
I think the best trip was the metro ride because on the metro ride was fast and we saw Qutub minar and all of the tree. We could so and my friend from his class and the other class played game and it was really fun with the them.