Delhi Out and About Reflection

How is this exploratory helping you in understanding Delhi’s historical background, architecture, culture, and traditions followed?
It help me to understand by the project that we made and the trip that we went to 
(Talk about the research you did for the slideshow on “Delhi and its Seven Cities”, and kahoot. Describe your experience about the two projects mentioned.)

Write a paragraph with 5 to 6 sentences
 I learned about Firozabad that Firozabad is one of the seven cities, me and my partner were doing a project on it where we had to research. I learned about all of the things in Firozabad and it was really fun to learn about.


2. Express your views about the field trips taken so far. (Constructive feedback, like how did it help you with your learning). 

Write a paragraph with 4 to 5 sentences
 What I learned from the filled trip about the Gandhi smriti is that I learned all about

Gandhi and his life and the memorial, and is the thing that he used and how he was like in his early life.


3. Describe one exciting memory from class based on the projects or the trips attended. 

Write 2 to 3 sentences.


I had learn a lot of staff from Delhi Out and About, it was fun making all of this project and going to visit some trip and see the memorial of Gandhi.



We made a poem about shell. I learn how to make poem like nonfiction.(Ai)
I learn how to make poem ,because now I see is fun to make poem and poem tell you what you talking about. (Roni) I want to review write haiku or write more long.(Ai) I want to review more and more and more to be good at writing. Maybe I can make a song.


We have so many kind of shells. We love shells.

I have big shell.
I have small shell.

I want small shell.
I want big shell

I’ll give you my shell!!

I have white shell.

I have orange shell.

I like this white shell.
I love that shell too

But it mine!
But I like it!

Let’s go to find the many shell!!!