We made a poem about shell. I learn how to make poem like nonfiction.(Ai)
I learn how to make poem ,because now I see is fun to make poem and poem tell you what you talking about. (Roni) I want to review write haiku or write more long.(Ai) I want to review more and more and more to be good at writing. Maybe I can make a song.


We have so many kind of shells. We love shells.

I have big shell.
I have small shell.

I want small shell.
I want big shell

I’ll give you my shell!!

I have white shell.

I have orange shell.

I like this white shell.
I love that shell too

But it mine!
But I like it!

Let’s go to find the many shell!!!


I made a food chain in a ocean biome. I learn abut ocean biome and what is food chain and how ocean biome food chain work and I learn abut food chain is interesting for me.
I will do next is forest biome because now I know better from tide project.

Delhi Design project,

The design of my Delhi project: At first I draw my map on my notebook.
I draw a buildings, a streets and a park.
After the teacher gives me a big paper and in the big paper I stick five coloured paper with streets, roads and house too . After I finished. I learned parallel are lines that are never touching each other. And perpendicular lines are lines that are crossing but they are 90°.