Study Skills Reflections

I think when i first came into study skills i taught it a place where you learn how to learn but now i understand is also a place to get work done and to work on subject you understand. Last semester i had lots of missing work but this semester i don’t. ¬†This semester i focusing at math, everyday at study skills we have math warm up then we are doing our math homework and if we all ready done it a t home then we are checking we are checking if its right, and if we are done with that we do IXL.

I think I feel good about respect because i am being respect to the student i am being respect to the teachers, i also think i am doing well at perseverant because i ask question or for help when i don’t understand and i also. I think i want to work at my callberition because sometime i feel like not sharing my ideas with the whole class and sometime i feel like i am shy and don’t feel like i am part from the whole class but I want to be .

I feel good about being in this class and working on math because i do here math a lot and i practice on my study skills notebook a lot and it’s good because it it help my catch up with the work we do in class. We also do our homework which is good and if i don’t understand a problem then i ask the teacher. One more thing i do there is practice to the test.

I think i should work on my math more because i want to get better at it. I also think i should work on being focusing more in class because some time the teacher told me i did this problem wrong so she tell me what i did wrong then i forgot to complete to problem so i think i should work on that too. I also want to work at science because i feel like i am a bit behind so i want to work on that.

So i think i feel good about meeting my gauls in reading because before i was went to study skills i was really unorganized with my reading, but now i feel good because i have goals and i am doing those goals, I also feel good about math because this semester i got lots of homework don’t and i am practicing a lot in math.